Sex Therapy


Aspen Haus believes in providing our clients highest quality services. Our sex therapists have sought to pursue the highest quality sex therapy training and certification. We believe in offering informed, ethical, and helpful sexual therapy to clients. The State of Texas does not protect and require mental health professional to become certified sex therapist or specify training in order to provide “sex therapy”. It is also not a consistent requirement for mental health training programs or state licensure to have completed a course in human sexuality. Our counselors are Certified Sex Therapist and have received 150+ clock hours of graduate level training in sex therapy along with 200 clock hours of clinical supervision to meet certification requirements. Aspen Haus certified sex therapists continue to maintain all requirements for certification including annual membership through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapist and on-going continued education credits, consultation, and mentorship.

We believe that sexuality to be an integral part of one’s life and that wounds, physical challenges, relationship difficulties, and shame can create barriers to experiencing sex and sexuality fully and completely. Our trained and certified sex therapists at Aspen Haus are trained from a Christian sex therapy approach. We provide competent, ethical, clinical sex therapy treatment, that maintains a commitment to the God-given gift of sexuality and the hope and restoration He can do in the sexual part of clients’ lives.

The Aspen Haus process and approach to sex therapy includes a thorough sexual assessment to identify the contributing and maintaining factors to your sexual challenges and complaints. Your sex therapist will then provide a recommended process and protocol to address the specific sexual challenge. Our team of sex therapists approach sexual difficulties from a biopsychosocialspiritual approach focusing on physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual roots to sexual challenges. At Aspen Haus, we treat the sexual parts of our clients’ lives as sacred ground with honor and respect for the vulnerability and power in the process. Our approach is also a multidisciplinary approach and can include referrals and collaboration with a variety of medically trained professionals.

Sex therapy issues we specialize in treating include:

  • Low sexual desire or conflict over different desire levels

  • Challenges in initiating sex

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Challenges with penetration (Vaginismus or Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder)

  • Female Sexual Pain

  • Infertility

  • Post-partum sexual experience and adjustment

  • Past sexual abuse

  • Affair Recovery