Jill Cione

Licensed Professional Counselor
EMDR Trained Therapist


Jill believes all individuals possess value, purpose, and the ability to grow and be restored. She sees the therapeutic relationship as a sacred framework and partners with her clients during their journey. Jill endeavors to provide a safe, confidential space for clients to be authentic and open through the use of mindfulness and realistic coping skills.

Many times, clients need to reprocess traumatic or adverse life events in order to acquire adaptive, healthier behaviors and beliefs. When therapeutically appropriate, Jill utilizes the EMDR approach to facilitate acceptance and empowerment.

Jill’s counseling interests and passions include working with survivors of trauma, grief, loss, mindfulness-based therapy, and EMDR. Having used EMDR in several creative applications, Jill maintains a receptive and innovative attitude to customize each client’s needs.

Grief and loss are specific areas of focus in Jill’s practice. She regards the emotions in grief to be honored and embraced as natural responses to loss.  Grief is the chaotic but beautiful evidence of love. “Companioning” with the bereaved allows Jill to connect with these clients with unique empathy, sensitivity, patience, and hope.

Jill was raised in Houston, Texas and moved to Dallas in 1988 upon graduating from Baylor University. Having had a career in pharmaceutical sales for 10 years, Jill focused on raising her four children and was able to begin her “dream career” of being a therapist by entering graduate school in 2006 at Dallas Theological Seminary. Jill enjoys pursuing her interests in therapy with continual education and certification opportunities. She and her husband have resided in the Dallas area for over 30 years.


M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary

B.A. in Psychology, Baylor University


EMDR Trained Therapist

Currently pursuing EMDR Certification

Currently pursuing the “Death & Grief Studies Certification”(150 hours) with Dr. Alan Wolfelt of the Center for Loss & Life Transition


Sexual Assault Awareness for Teens/College Students

Friends and Family Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Grief & Loss

Living with Chronic/Terminal Illnesses

Friends and Family Support of Loved ones with Chronic/Terminal Illness

Process Groups for Assault

Coping Skills Group

Use of Mindfulness in Emotional Regulation