Aspen Haus Associates Manifesto


We believe:

In team - We choose to identify as a team that fosters a collaborative culture to offer comprehensive counseling approaches for the complexities of life. We are committed to working as a team. We desire to serve those within our team and those outside of our team. We want to honor our clients and the relationships with our colleagues. We believe that we need everyone’s voice to collaborate well. We honor each voice as we seek to create a unique whole. We seek to use the unique gifts we have been given in a way that honors the collaborative culture we seek to create. We are a team of individuals who believe our impact as a whole will be greater than that of any one individual alone. We believe that living on an island doesn’t lead to flourishing. Growth does not happen in solitude. We believe that when we go together, we are better able to help, and we value the boundaries that protect the goals of our team.

In ownership - We believe in the power of ownership and truth. Each associate and the team as a whole takes ownership over the challenges we face. Each individual is involved in the areas that affect themselves. Each associate will seek to take responsibility for his or her contribution and has personal ownership over his or her stake in the success of the overall team. We take ownership over our triumphs and our mistakes.

In congruence - We seek to be genuine, open, and integrated with self and others, and pursue effective, compassionate, and truthful communication. We offer consistent and congruent experiences and endeavor to be present with the person in front of us. We believe in the power of a present connection. We value healthy communication and our goal is to say the difficult and vulnerable words to each other, so our internal and external experiences are congruent. Thus, we fiercely protect the choice to assume the best about others and invite others to do the same. We pursue this goal with authenticity and honesty.

In aspirational ethics - We make choices with integrity and the highest level of ethics possible. With full awareness and knowledge of the complexities of the ethical decision making process, we choose to go above and beyond to pursue the highest standards in our profession. We protect the privacy and security of our clients and choose to uphold the highest level of relational ethics with peers and colleagues.

In providing high quality services with a humble posture – We will work hard to go above and beyond the minimum expectation. We pursue best practices in our respective disciplines. As we seek to offer the best quality service, we value a posture of humility that creates warmth and safety for clients and colleagues. We believe in respect. Our organization is not looking for team associates "like us" but a diverse association that is "with us".

In integrity and being the best, we can be - We are thorough, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, present collaborators that want to fiercely fight for quality counseling services that contribute to the growth and flourishing of our clients. We aim to present ourselves in a manner that is professional and connecting. This means doing the hard things well. We believe in courageously doing the hard things and not taking short cuts. We pursue the proper training to advertise for focus areas and specialties. We desire to reconcile our wrongs into rights.

In nurturing growth - Growth occurs when we know ourselves and seek to know others. We are committed to continuous learning and development. We are willing to explore our growth and the growth of the whole. We believe safe relationships are where this happens. We believe fiercely in the pursuit of health and flourishing and find this happens best together. We value the process over the destination.

In an “and’’ way of work and life - We believe in an “and’’ way of being opposed to an “either-or” and “black-and-white” culture. Growth happens when we sit in the tension of life’s complexities, and we have the courage to embrace them. Thus,

  • We pursue excellence and are humbled by the privilege to walk with others in imperfect processes.

  • We are competent, unique, individual voices and a team.

“We are Aspen Haus.”

AHA Core Values

Our Core Values act as guidelines for the association and its operations.
They were developed with the Aspen model and the personal-professional health of each Associate in mind.




Aspirational Ethics




Nurture growth


AHA Vision

The vision of Aspen Haus Associates is to cultivate and develop a committed team of individual practitioners to create unified brand and experience where all associates mutually benefit from the shared identity, resources, and collaborative dynamic, allowing for a unique team approach and environment to achieve the Aspen Haus Associates’ Mission.

AHA Mission

We offer a unique, specialized, and comprehensive approach for individuals, couples, and families facing the complexities of life.

AHA Banner

A Comprehensive Counseling Approach for The Complexities of Life

AHA Motto

We want to be the best team to work for and to work with.


Why Aspen Haus?

Aspen Haus is a team of specialized professionals seeking to respond to the complexities of life from a comprehensive approach. We strive to exemplify our vision, core values, and mission, in all we do. Our goal is that you experience our manifesto in every aspect of the AHA experience.