Speaking & Training


Our counselors are qualified and experienced at public speaking, conducting seminars, and education. Aspen Haus holds expertise and experience as lecturers, teachers, adjunct professors, trainers, and presenters. We can provide lectures, keynotes, and consultations for your nonprofit, church, school or company on a variety of topics. We have provided speaking and training services to churches, small groups, classes, retreats, non-profits, schools, professional conferences, and much more. Each counselor includes his or her typical speaking topics in our individual profiles.

Our areas of teaching and training include but are not limited to the following:


Trauma & Relationships

Becoming a Trauma Informed Church: Responding Well to the Traumatized

Equipping Church Leaders to Understand Trauma

Trauma’s Impact on Relational Health

Becoming a Trauma Informed Helper

Sexual Assault Awareness for Teens/College Students

Friends and Family Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault


Raising Sexually Healthy Kids- For Parents

Pursuing a Sexually Healthy Church- For Church Leadership

Covenant Lovers- Married Sex Education- Leader Training Available

Dance of the Sexes- Single Adult Sex Education- Leader Training Available

Total Intimacy (Based on the book by Rosenau & Neal)

Sex & Gender Differences

Understanding Female Sexual Pain

Female Sexuality- Finding Your Voice

Sexual Communication in Marriage


Emotions & Relationships

Understanding Personality and its Impact on Relationships


Child Development

Children and Trauma

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy Training


Working with Each Personality Type Well (MBTI)

Mental Health & the Church