Our Motto

“We want to be the best team to work for and work with.”


Here is what the community has to say about our team …


“The counseling staff at Aspen Haus Associates is fantastic. Each therapist is committed to the highest of practice standards and passionate about helping others that are struggling through life challenges. The staff will take the time to listen to your needs and work with you in developing a treatment plan that is unique to and appropriate for you. I have found the counselors at this center to be great communicators and collaborators.”

Katie Swafford M.A., L.P.C.-S., Ph.D. in Leadership
Director, Texas Baptists Counseling Services
Connections Team

“I always gain insight from collaborating with each of these counselors. Each of them is welcoming and knowledgeable, and it's a pleasure to get to work with them. I am comfortable referring to this team because each of them is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate towards their clients. I know clients are in good hands with this practice.

My clients going to Jenna Mountain with their partners for couples counseling felt heard and understood. They were able to grow immensely in their relationships and learn how to best support each other after working with her. Jill Cione’s clients are lucky to have her. She is warm, hospitable, and a joy to be around. She always makes her clients feel understood and supported.

I always learn something from talks by Jenna Mountain and Kimberly Galindo. They are so knowledgeable when it comes to sex therapy and couples therapy, and I always walk away with more knowledge than I had before (along with practical tools to take with me). I have enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had to hear them speak.”

Anna Zapata, MS, RYT, LPC
Dallas Healing House

“As a pelvic health physical therapist, I cannot say enough great things about Aspen Haus Associates. The therapists at AHA demonstrate consummate professionalism and are warm, receptive, and reassuring. I often work collaboratively with AHA to ensure the entirety of causes for a client’s issues are addressed. AHA works in a positive and individualized manner to empower and guide each client on a path toward healing.”

Lorien Hathaway PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, BCB-PMD
Director Women’s Health TWU/BSWR Residency Program
Women’s and Abdominal-Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
Baylor, Scott, & White Institute for Rehabilitation - Plano Alliance

“I highly recommend Jenna & Kimberly for those who desire excellent sex therapy, couples therapy, and trauma therapy.  They are both bright, well-trained, skilled, creative, and conscientious.  I have known them for several years, first as students, later as a supervisor, now as respected colleagues.”

 Debra Taylor, MA, LMFT, CST  

“Jenna is an expert on issues of sexual intimacy and trauma. Her presentations provide meaningful insights into difficulties many couples face. I highly recommend her as both a therapist and presenter to anyone seeking help in these areas.”  

Tim Brown, PhD, LPC, CSC, NCC
Assistant Professor and School Counseling MEd Coordinator
Department of Counselor Education
College of Education
Sam Houston State University

“Bethany is a highly skilled child and adolescent counselor. She brings knowledge and expertise, as well as compassion and care to every family that she works with. She is extremely knowledgeable and continues to increase her clinical expertise and understanding. She truly cares about each client she works with and seeks to provide the best possible care. I highly recommend her and she is who I would want my own family members to see.”

Andi Thacker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling
Dallas Theological Seminary

“I have had a long term relationship with Kimberly Galindo and Jennafer Mountain, the co-founders of Aspen Haus Associates.. I have observed their entry into the counseling field as well as their specific training in trauma counseling and Christian sex therapy certification. They have followed sound counseling practices and have given thorough, thoughtful care to their clients. They recognize the limits of the scope of their practices. I have referred a number of clients to them and have received positive feedback. They are well received by the professional counseling field. They network consistently and have a wide variety of referrals at their disposal. I am very comfortable with their practice.”  

Mary Becerril, Ph.D., LPC-S, RPT
Director of Master of Arts in Professional Counseling/Professor of Counseling
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dallas Baptist University

“I refer clients and students to Jenna because I know she has high ethical standards and because she is well trained and empathic. Without a doubt Jenna will utilize her expertise to help clients, their families, and the community. Jenna has been a guest speaker in my masters level internship class at the University of North Texas. The students found her to be engaging and she provided them with practical advice to help them work with women experiencing sexual dysfunction. I have always enjoyed hearing Jenna speak about her areas of interest whether it was at professional conferences, during consultations, but I especially enjoyed her lecture. Jenna’s dedication to completing tasks was evident during our time working on a research team together. She assisted the team by helping us to stay on task and she provided intellectually stimulating ideas to our research team. Jenna’s hard work on the team was instrumental in our research team publishing our research in two nationally recognized publication venues.”

Angie D. Cartwright PhD, LPC-S, LSOTP-S, NCC
Assistant Professor, Counseling Program
Coordinator, Undergraduate Minor
2018 Presidential Early Career Professor
University of North Texas

“I confidently send referrals to Kimberly Galindo and Jenna Mountain. Both have excellent training and are skilled and thoughtful therapists. The reports I receive back from friends and clients has all be positive. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone seeking solid, professional guidance.”

Nancy Houston, LPC, CST

Jenna is a gifted clinician. I have confidently referred clients to her in the past because I know that with her they will be well taken care of. She combines deep therapeutic knowledge with a warm, compassionate personality. That combination allows her to create an environment where her clients can truly grow.

I spent years in classes with Jenna as a part of her doctoral cohort. I saw first hand her therapeutic knowledge and diagnostic abilities and they are second to none. I also had the opportunity to see Jenna teach and present in multiple settings. Whether it was in front of a classroom or as a consultant with a non-profit, she has a very natural ability to deliver information seamlessly.

Ryan Smith, PhD, LMFT, LPC

“Kimberly has such an approachable calming presence, she puts one at ease immediately. Her calming presence and professional training are the perfect combination. I have been able to refer clients to Kimberly with great confidence knowing they will be in skilled and compassionate hands. Since she is trained in EMDR and has extensive experience in trauma work, she is an excellent resource for those needing continued healing in the area of sexual trauma. Kimberly is also an excellent presenter for various seminars and conferences.”

Debby Wade, MA, LPC, LMFT, CST, CSAT

“I have had the opportunity to work with Jenna in several professional capacities; collaborating for conference presentations; facilitating a therapeutic support group for women who experience pain with sex; and working with several client cases. She is such a skilled therapist. Due to her experience with trauma work and being trained in EMDR, she is an excellent referral source for clients who have been sexually traumatized. Jenna’s passion for emotional and sexual healing is evident in her approach with individuals and couples.”

Debby Wade, MA, LPC, LMFT, CST, CSAT

“I have known Kimberly Galindo for many years and worked closely with her for much of that time. She is a uniquely gifted therapist able to clearly see her clients and see through the complicated dynamics that brought them in for counseling. Kimberly is compassionate, highly ethical, incredibly knowledgeable and always brings a sense of humor to her work as appropriate. She is one of the few therapists I feel absolutely confident in referring to because I know that the client will have a positive and beneficial experience with her. As an experienced trauma therapist trained in EMDR and sex therapy, she offers what so few therapists can. Kimberly is also an outstanding trainer and teacher with a wealth of knowledge to be shared. I am so lucky to know her and our community is so lucky to have her.”

Amy Jones
CEO Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

"I extend heartfelt gratitude for Jenna Mountain's contributions in both private practice as well as in community service settings. Jenna has served in a variety of capacities, lending her skills and talents within therapy, public speaking engagements, and in the organization and execution of professional training as well as church/community education. In these contexts, Jenna has demonstrated  passionate leadership, organization, and speaking skills. She is a solid and reliable presenter and we routinely request her speaking services for our church re|engage marriage ministry. She is one of our favorite speakers and our couples always benefit from her talks. Jenna's style of presenting is engaging, highly informative, and practical in application. Jenna presents a unique passion to help Christian marriages thrive in all forms of intimacy. She teaches about emotionally healthy sexuality within the context of biblical marriage. Jenna is trained in EMDR and is also a certified sex therapist. She values her Christian faith and is able to uniquely minister to individuals and couples who are seeking compassionate, professional counseling care. Jenna remains among a list of skilled skilled professionals in the field whom I consider when referring for counseling. I have been pleased by the positive feedback by previous referrals. Lastly, Jenna adopts a collaborative approach in all her endeavors. As a fellow colleague in the field of counseling and psychotherapy, I deeply appreciate professionals like Jenna who are like-minded in valuing ethical, research-based best practices and who express their gifts and talents within the therapy appointment hour as well as through volunteer ministry." 

Wendy Copeland, MA, LPC, CIT, CCTP

"Kimberly Galindo is another professional in the field of counseling and psychotherapy who remains on a list of skilled professionals whom I consider for referral. Kimberly is trained in EMDR and also a certified sex therapist. Kimberly has generously given of her time and talents to speak at re|engage. We are very grateful for her contributions to the ministry! I have also heard Kimberly present at Covenant Lovers, where she taught on the topic of emotionally healthy sexuality within the context of biblical marriage. Kimberly also generously gives of her time, talent, and expertise both in private practice and within ministry opportunities to support individuals, couples, and families as they heal and grow."

Wendy Copeland, MA, LPC, CIT, CCTP

“Counseling can be an isolating and lonely profession and this consequentially leads to burnout. So every counselor needs other counselors for support, encouragement, and direction to stay sharp for their own clients. I consider Jenna and Kimberly to be a key part of my support and referral system. We all need people we can trust. I show my trust in them by referring clients to them and allowing them to speak into my work and life.”

Matt Sessoms, MA, LMFT, LPC, CST
Associate, Metroplex Counseling

“Jenna is an exceptional clinician who provides expertise and strong clinical judgment to each client she works with. I consider her an expert in the field of sex therapy, especially the area of women’s sexual health. She is compassionate and knowledgeable and provides her clients with the best care possible. She is a phenomenal counselor and is a leader in the field of counseling.”

Andi Thacker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling
Dallas Theological Seminary

"Jenna Mountain has been a wonderful resource for myself and my counseling staff for years now. Jenna's naturally kind and thoughtful personality continues to be one of the many praises people report valuing the most. Her professionalism and expert knowledge base regarding issues of sexual intimacy and trauma set her apart as a national leading professional. Jenna and her staff do a wonderful job collaborating with clients and other professionals to ensure that they are able to provide the best care possible. Jenna is a valuable resource as a clinician, educator, speaker, and researcher. I comfortably and confidently refer clients to Jenna Mountain."

Tyler Skidmore, Ph.D., LPC-S
Director of Clinical Counseling
Vale Counseling Center

“For ten years I have known Kimberly during that time I have collaborated on counseling cases and referred clients to her. Kimberly's work has always received positive reviews from those clients. My experience is that she walks alongside those that are hurting and is a conduit for healing. The reports from people I know have verified this to be true. I heartily recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking care, compassion and hope.”

Todd Linder, MEd, LPC-S
Executive Director of Creek Bend Center for Counseling

“Jenna mountain and Kimberly Galindo are extremely knowledgeable and skilled and I am confident in referring clients to them. I know Jenna and Kimberly will provide quality, ethical and compassionate care.”

Brenda Elledge, M.Ed., LPC-S
Elledge Counseling Associates