Aspen Haus Associates is a fee for service counseling office. We provide appointment only services. We accept checks, cash, and credit cards. Please contact us for more information. Each counselor sets his or her own fees.

Fees range: $75 - $150 / hour


Aspen Haus Associates does not currently participate as a provider with insurance plans and is a fee-for-service, or private pay, practice. This means clients pay the full fee for services at the time the services are provided. You may pay with cash, credit card, or check. We want to focus on client care and avoid cookie cutter processes that intrude on client confidentiality. We have carefully and thoughtfully explored the advantages of offering fee-for-service counseling. In many instances, utilizing insurance removes power from the client and clinician to decide on appropriate individualized treatment plans and at times, requires inappropriate use of diagnoses. Because we offer specialized and individualized treatment plans, using insurance for many of our services would hinder our ability to collaborate with our clients and offer these specialty approaches to counseling. The Aspen Haus Associates team remains committed to being the best at what we do and seeks to be at the top of our respective areas of expertise. Thus, we choose the most individual and specialized path for our clients and currently do not accept insurance, and by not participating with insurance plans, we are not obligated to follow insurance guidelines that require us to provide records or follow insurance guidelines that may not be helpful in client treatment and care.

Many of our clients use their medical reimbursement or HSA/FSA cards for their treatment. We specialize in fee for service counseling services that provide the highest standards in training, expertise, privacy and confidentiality. In some instances, Aspen Haus Associates can provide you with a billing statement that you may use to file an out of network claim with your insurance company. Some of our therapist can provide you with a super bill for you to file with your insurance company. It is up to the discretion of each therapist to provide such a statement. All therapists can provide a receipt for service at each session.