Family Therapy


Families can be the source of our greatest joy and greatest pain. In times of greatest pain finding support can often be difficult. Family Therapy is a unique approach that can be used to support families in times of transition and improve relational issues among partners, children and other family members. This approach is unique in that it includes all the parts of the family system to address challenging and unhelpful relational patterns. Family therapy works to decrease conflict and stress by incorporating new relational patterns of interaction between family members that strengthen family relationships. This healing process aids to improve everyday relational issues or challenges families may be facing.

In family therapy clients can expect to learn how to improve family relationships, strengthen parent-child relationships, practice healthy communication patterns, implement healthy boundaries, love and honor those boundaries, respectfully resolve conflict, and proactively address relational challenges.

Families can benefit from family therapy if they experience:

• Stress/anxiety during family transitional periods

• Lack of respect or honest communication within the family

• High conflict within the family

• Lack of connection or understanding among members of the family

• Either rigid or loose boundaries within family relationships

• The impact of trauma on the family

• Marital challenges

Family Therapy may be used as the primary mode of treatment or as a complementary approach. For those seeking individual treatment, family therapy may help support the mental health of each family member by strengthening family relationships.