Marriage Counseling


We specialize helping your marriage find deep lasting change. Every relationship experiences peaks and valleys throughout the life of the relationship. Aspen Haus relationship therapists recognize that couples bring their individual and relational wounds, challenges, negative messages, and difficulties into the relationship. Our unique approach to marriage counseling includes addressing your present relational challenges while also inviting you to consider how past experiences (as individuals or a couple) have created cracks in the foundation of your individual or marital lives.

We specialize in a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to relational healing. Our team is equipped and experienced in addressing each couple’s needs through a holistic approach. We believe in working ourselves out of a job and approach every relationship with this in mind. At Aspen Haus, we specialize in helping you learn how to communicate effectively, resolve past traumas, enhance your intimacy and connection, and address deep foundational issues. It’s often a series of small changes that will create big changes for your relationship.

We walk with couples as they address many areas of their marriage including:

  • Communication

  • Affair Recovery

  • Sexual challenges and dysfunction

  • Conflict over sex

  • Intimacy/Connection Issues

  • Impact of trauma on marriage

  • Finance/money issues

  • Parenting