Our Story


Our Inspiration

A singular aspen tree represents a small part of the largest living organism on earth. A group of aspen tress or a stand is considered a singular organism with an extensive root system. The taller trees support the smaller younger trees by taking in sun light and nutrients that are passed down. The smaller trees pull nutrients from the soil and send the nutrients to the larger trees.

The Aspen trees represent a way of being that we want to emulate. We experience strength and vitality in a team that serves one another, no matter where they are in their development. We believe that in community, we serve the greater good when we do so together.

Our Story

Over the course of a year, God introduced the story of the Aspen tree through multiple avenues to the owners. We are not the first to gravitate towards that word picture; however, we did not observe the emotional, operational, or logistical manifestation of this metaphor well-executed in the mental health and adjunctive helping career fields. We believe that if an environment is created to support the team as whole in the way that the Aspens support each other, this team will flourish. The goal is to create a culture where the conditions are optimal for all stages of personal and professional life and are supported in a reciprocal manner, as appropriate for each associate. We spent time and resources researching the nature of the Aspen tree and the unique nuances of the mental health field in order to fully integrate the two components. As each and all associates experience this flourishing, the overflow will be experienced by clients and outside colleagues. We want people to experience our group as life giving. This word picture led to the articulation of the Aspen Haus 

Our Motto

“We want to be the best team to work for and to work with.”

We chose the word “house” as a part of our brand. Families represent a unit or system of fully differentiated individuals that are uniquely connected as a whole. Both the individual and the whole are important. If the individual existed without the whole, they would by definition not be the same. This is also true for the group—the very nature of the group changes by the addition or loss of any one, unique individual. Our team is looking for associates who want to freely choose to be known as and connected to a greater team as their personal-professional brand.  Thus, there is an indisputable argument that they are equally and reciprocally beneficial to all parties, each individual and the team as a whole. We chose the German word for house, “Haus,” because we love the style and feel of this word. It reflects a unique, somewhat edgy, and elegant style that we appreciate and want others to experience. We believe this word goes well with the word ‘’Aspen’’ and the picture of an Aspen grove (i.e. nature, mountains, forest groves, etc.). It is a unique way to incorporate the word house, which represents so much of who we are and what we do. We are a house that holds a family of specialized counselors who walk with clients facing the complexities of life.

Our Owners and Founders

Jenna Mountain and Kimberly Galindo met in graduate school as their separate paths began to merge into a collaborative career path. Throughout their graduate training and early career development, a growing desire to respond well to challenges in the field of counseling began to grow. Mountain and Galindo began to notice characteristics and attributes that contributed to or impeded growth of the therapist and the counseling process as a whole. This birthed a passion and deeply held desire to approach all they do with health and excellence. They believe that counselors can flourish in their calling while offering effective and powerful help to their clients. Mountain and Galindo observed that flourishing mental health practices often included values and foundational attributes that contribute to health. Our AHA owners sought to pursue growing a practice that was built on a foundation of health and a long-term vision.

The AHA culture is one that is set a part, unique, and specialized. This culture is focused on a team that flourishes as individuals and as a whole. We were inspired to create a culture that fostered professionals flourishing as a response to a perceived gap in the field. Thus, we responded by creating a culture that seeks health and flourishing. It is a culture that celebrates the other while still pursuing your success. It is a vision that believes we do not have to sacrifice health and integrity for success. It is a culture that believes in honor, respect, unity, and in doing the hard vulnerable work of a team.