Kimberly Galindo

AHA Owner
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Sex Therapist
EMDR Trained Therapist


Effective therapy is built on the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.

When clients take the step to choose a therapist, they may encounter a myriad of emotions including apprehension, anticipation, and freedom. It takes incredible bravery and vulnerability to enter into this process.

Clients often walk into the counseling process disconnected from their experiences and the experiences of others in their lives. In order to experience congruency and health, they need to reconnect each part of their story. Each part of your story and experience will be viewed with compassion, warmth, and honor.

Clients are capable of facing hard things and will be invited into a process that will require a thorough look into all the elements that contribute to their difficulty. Clients will feel safe, respected, as well as challenged.

Kimberly endeavors to create an environment for clients to find freedom as they share their voice, find truth, and experience hope through an authentic therapeutic relationship.

Clients are invited to consider a wiser, more authentic way to health. They will benefit from a therapist who has spent over a decade serving trauma survivors in various professional roles and offering support to trauma survivors. Clients will experience a therapist who will hold the space as they heal from their traumatic experiences and will thoroughly engage each phase of the process.

Clients will benefit from a sex therapist who approaches each sexual history and challenge with honor for the uniqueness of your story and relationship. They will also experience the sex therapy process from an informed, holistic perspective.

Kimberly’s counseling interests include sexual dysfunction, healthy sexual communication, healing the sexual relationship after the impact of trauma, affair recovery, infertility, miscarriage, complex or developmental trauma, and the impact of personality on relationships.

Kimberly was born and raised in East Texas and now calls the Dallas area home along with her husband. She continues to seek personal and professional growth by sharing her passion, knowledge, and experience with others and teaches part-time as adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University and serves as one of the instructors for the Institute of Sexual Wholeness. Kimberly also enjoys mentoring and leading a vibrant group of clinicians in her role as co-owner of Aspen Haus.


M.A. Counseling from Dallas Baptist University

B.A. in Psychology from LeTourneau University 

Pursuing a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at Texas A&M University - Commerce


Certified Sex Therapist

EMDR Trained Therapist- Pursuing Certification

CASE Sex Educator & Trainer


American Association of Christian Counselors – Member

American Board of Christian Sex Therapist – Clinical Member

Christian Association of Psychological Studies – Member


Executive Director for Sexual Wholeness, Inc.

Adjust Professor for Dallas Baptist University


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